Rubber Interlock

Interlock shape is a type of rubber flooring that comes with a cut-like design Interlock. These floors are easy to install and assemble, as they can be easily installed without The need to use adhesives. The interlock design allows the pieces to be securely held together, creating a surface Homogeneous and level.

Rubber granules

The rubber granules are the ones that are remanufactured as these granules are recycled from scrap. Vulcanized rubber or tire recycling which become small pieces or granules, usually the size of These granules range from 2 to 4 mm, and we find that there are countless uses, so we can with granules Rubber This is the manufacture of various components.


Also known as molten metal wire as these wires are fusible and are wires Solid is made of an alloy with a low melting point and the resistance of these wires is also low.